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Last modified on 6/22/2012 11:32 AM by User.

Month of Monthly Report

Overview - (Based on Orders)

Many users who track sales and commission dollars monthly and compare those with last year’s totals at the same time will like this report. It shows you where you are today, this same time last year both percentage and dollar amounts. Sales dollars will be on the left and Commission dollars on the right. The report can be listed by manufacturer (default), by customer or by other selections. Switching months or years is possible as well. For any given day it will show you where you are today and compare it to last year!

This report is found in the Top Down Reporting section Go to Reports, then Worksheets (toolbar)
 Select “Top Down Reporting”

In the Top Down Reporting window, change the Report type to “Month of Monthly”

The default is the current month and year (maybe be reset for other months/years).  Default is also set for manufacturers.
Click Update (Example below)
To switch to customers, drag & drop “Customers” from the Fields area on the left to “Manufacturers” in the Row Headings area. Then hit “Update” again


  • The report can be ran by any of the Fields – by Row Headings, Group By and Selection
  • Timeframe, months and Order may also be changed
  • Once you change or add any filters, you must hit Update again

Report Example

This same report can be run on Invoices or Payments

Column Definitions

Please reference the image above for viewing which columns are described below, starting from the left:

  • This Year % of Total - The manufacturer's portion of the total sales for this year.
  • CurMth Sales - (Current Month Sales) This is the sales total for the month.
  • ThisMth LastYear - (This Month Last Year) The sales totals for the same month last year.
  • YTD - (Year To Date) The sales totals for the current year this date.
  • LTYTD - (Last Year To Date) The sales totals for last year at this same date.
  • %Change - The percentage of change from last year to this year
  • TotLY - (Total Last Year) Total sales dollars for Last Year
  • Comm TotYTD - (Commission Total Year To Date) The total amount of commission dollars for the current year to this date.
  • CurMth Comm$$ - (Current Month Commission Dollars)  This is the commissions total for the month.
  • CurMth Comm% - (Current Month Commission Percentage) This is the commissions percentage for the month.
  • %OfTot forYear - (Percentage of Total for the Year) The manufacturer's percentage amount in the total of the commissions for this year.