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Bookings Report by Manufacturer or Customer


Every agency tends to run a slightly different set of reports based on their business needs. The database OASIS uses allows an agency flexibility to run or create basically any report to suit their specific needs. One of the most common reports ran, is a simple bookings report showing all orders for the desired timeframe that can be filtered many ways. Two of the most common ways are by manufacturer and customer. Users can see dates, status, amount, commission, overage and more. Follow the steps below to create your own Bookings report. 


Note: that this report will not include any orders that are in a non-transmitted state.


Go to Orders, then from the menu bar click Reports and select “Order Transaction Report”

In the Purchase Order Listing Report screen:

In the Select tab, the report can be filtered by any of the items here. (optional)


The Sort tab 

-  For reporting by Manufacturer or Customer, select either.

Then click Print. This should produce a report similar to the one below.


To produce the report by Customer, follow the same steps as above only Sort by Customer. An example of it is below as well.


By Manufacturer

By Customer