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"Paid Sales"

Sales “paid” During a Given Time Period


To show the sale that have been paid on during a given time period, try one of the following. Please note that these reports will show the invoiced sales amount paid during the given period. This is a little more accurate than showing the sales amount on the orders paid on during a given time period (please consider partially released orders, and factories that tend to split orders into multiple shipments).

Commissions for Account

When running the commissions for account, OASIS will calculate the invoiced sales paid during the time period. The only disadvantage right now is that a grand total is not calculated:

Invoice Listing

The invoice listing report is available from the reports MENU in the Invoice application:

Keep the timeframe (based on invoice date) clear and set the Payment Received Timeframe as required. Other selection criteria may be set from the select tab:

The resulting report will show the total sales paid on during the given time period. Please note that the paid amount may not match the commissions for account during the same time period. This is due to the fact that this report shows the entire amount paid on the invoice – and not just the amount paid during the given time period:



Topdown "Payment" reports have both earnings and sales amounts and are pretty easy to run. However one must always keep in mind that the calculation for "paid sales" in topdown is through a ratio: that is if the earnings rate is 10% and you are paid $10, then the "paid sales" will be $100:


However, if the orderis not entered correctly, really strange results are possible. Consider what would happen if the order was not keyed properly and shows as a 5% order. When the factory pays 10% on the order ($10), then OASIS uses the same pro-rate formula and calculates the paid sales to be $200:

To protect against this scenario, OASIS will cap the paid sales amount to the amount of the order. For many orders the result is what is requird: a good estimate of the amount of sales required to produce the current earnings (allowing management to estimate what is needed in sales to increase earnings). But this is just an estimate.

One significant issue to keep in mind is credits - that is an incorrect rate of earnings on the order will result in larger deducts in paid sales that would be expected. A simple error between 5% and 10% results in twice the deduct in paid sales for the topdown report.