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Using Debug Mode
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Using Debug Mode


When OASIS support is troubleshooting a strange issue, it is sometimes necessary to ask a user to switch their workstation into "debug mode" to get more detailed error logs. This document will explain how to use debug mode to create detailed log files for troubleshooting purposes.

Switching Debug Mode On

To turn debug mode on, go to Configuration > Software in OASIS.  Next, go to Preferences under Workstation Configuration.

*****Note: This needs to be done on the machine that is having the error or problem.*****

Once you click on Preferences, the screen below should appear.  Click on  the "Database" tab.

Check the box for "Use Debug Connection" and then click on Ok. 

Exit out of OASIS, then log back in.

Reproduce Your Issue

Perform the task that you need to perform so that the issue can be reproduced. Once you have reproduced the issue, go to Help > Open ticket, check the box for "include OASIS log file", reference the case number in the subject of the ticket, and send. If your issue causes OASIS to freeze, you will have to send help documents manually. Here are some documents to assist in retrieving your OASIS log files:
For XP users

For Vista/Win 7 users

Turn off Debug Mode

Once you are done, immediately go back to Configuration > Software and under Workstation Configuration, click on Preferences again.  Uncheck Use Debug Connection on the Database tab and click Ok. Exit out of OASIS and log back in. You can now continue to work normally.