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Copying Eaton Payments/“Paid” …
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Last modified on 1/6/2016 9:18 AM by User.


Copying Eaton Payments/“Paid” Reports Into OASIS


This document shows how to copy invoices and payment information from Flash to OASIS. The process is essentially a copy from an Excel generated file (from Flash) and a paste into OASIS.

The process

1. Export invoices from Flash…

2. Then start the Multiple PO/Invoice Entry:



3. Select Cooper in the entry screen and make the columns in OASIS match the Flash excel report.



To pay an invoice, the following is required:

  Invoice#, Date Paid, and Amount Paid


To create an invoice, the following is required:

  PO#, Invoice#, Inv. Date, Inv. Sales, Inv. Comm


4. Copy the data from the excel file to OASIS and verify the columns copied properly. Then press “Create Transactions”.


The remaining entries that are not processed by OASIS should be evaluated. In many cases, these are POs that have been generated by the distributor (e.g. EDI) or crated for a territory split. If the number of entries are small (as is the case for most users), simply minimize the “Multiple PO/Invoice Entry” screen and manually create the PO. Return to the “Multiple PO/Invoice Entry” screen to complete the process (by selecting Create Transactions).


Start with one row from Flash. Evaluate the actions taken by OASIS to ensure the data is properly copied into the OASIS invoice and payment screens.


Follow the one row test by a 10 row test and evaluate how the system behaved.


Once you are comfortable with the process, feel free to copy paste the entire Flash report into OASIS and “Create Transactions”!


Please let us know if you have any comments.