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Using ODBC
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Using ODBC


OASIS connects to the OASIS database using one of several JDBC "drivers". This document describes how to use the ASAODBC driver which in turn uses the Microsoft Windows ODBC and Sybase's Adaptive Server Anywhere driver.

Configuring ODBC

Open the "Data Source (ODBC)" control panel which is normally found in the "Administrative Tools" in the Windows Control Panel. Select the tab "System DSN":

Double click to edit an existing entry (the default data source used by OASIS is "oasis"). (The screens have the same meaning as below when editing an existing entry.)

To create a new entry, press "Add":

Select "Adaptive Server Anywhere 9.0" and press "finish". Key the name of the data source. This name will be used as the "Port" value in the OASIS database login:

Select the login screen and key the user and password as required:

Select the Database tab and key the name of the database server. The default is "oasis". However, customers with multiple databases must name each OASIS database differently. The name of the database below is "oasis_bhowar5" and was keyed in the "Server name" field of the "manual start" screen:

Select the Network tab. Click the check box beside "TCP/IP" and key "host=" then the server's name or IP address. Then key a semi-colon and "port=" followed by 2638 or the IP address configured for the database (customers running multiple databases on the same server will have a different IP address for each database):

To test the connection, return to the "ODBC" tab and press "Test Connection". If successful, the following screen will appear:


The OASIS database Login

To support multiple database implementations, OASIS has two levels of security: the database login and the user login. The database login is defined by the underlying relational database. Once connected to the database, OASIS will ask for the user's login information.

If the system is not able to connect to a database, the following "Database Login" screen will appear. Pressing "Ok" will force the system to connect. If OASIS is unable to connect, an error window will appear (contact Ingen Software in this case).

Alternatively, it is possible to login to OASIS and manually change the database login. To access this configuration, loging as an admin user. Then select "Configuration" then "Software". Click on the link showing "Database Login".

The "Database Login" window:

For ODBC, the "Kind" must be set to "ASAODBC". The server field is not used, but something must be placed in the field (the text "oasis" is common). The port number must match the ODBC datasource name that just created / modified. The user and password must be set as required by the database.