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Last modified on 11/4/2013 4:22 PM by User.


Alternate Database Shortcut (OASIS Icon)



To create a desktop shortcut to an alternate database in OASIS, follow the steps in this document. Please note that the document assumes the alternate database is configured and running already.



From the Windows file explorer, select create new shortcut:





The next window will appear – browse to the file:

  C:\Program Files\OASIS\jre\bin\javaw.exe




Press next and key a name for the shortcut:




Press finish. You must select the new shortcut, right click on the icon and select “Properties”:




Append to the target the following items (SPACE BEFORE THE -jar):

  -jar OASIS.jar OASIS ARGS  DBKind=ASAODBC DBPort=region4 DBUser=OASIS DBPassword=oasis



Change start in to

  C:\Program Files\OASIS


  C:\Program Files\OASIS27




If you like, select the “Change Icon” button and select the submittals.ico file located in c:\Program Files\OASIS\ (or OASIS27)



Press “Ok” and try the shortcut:




Once created, the shortcut can be copied to other PCs (where OASIS is already installed).