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"By Manufacturer" Reporting in OASIS



Many years ago, OASIS orders were only for one factory at a time. Then we added resell orders and kept many of the reports the same, simply by introducing the “resell company” as the manufacturer on many reports.

Today, most manufacturers with multiple brands have some level of centralization of their processes, allowing for one order to cover multiple “brands” (manufacturers in OASIS speak). Additionally, there is a need to see the individual manufacturers reported individually.

This document shows the reports capable of showing the line level manufacturer information and shows how LOT and PROFIT (OVERAGE) affect the report.

Example Order

The following resell order is used as an example in the following sections. The reporting will work the same for a multiple manufacturer resell order or a multiple manufacturer commissioned order.


For each factory, the cost and earnings are $100 for a total sell price for each line of $200. The order totals are $200 cost and $400 for the sell ($200 total earnings).

(Note, the “Brand A” entry is a commissioned factory being resold and has $5 commission earnings in addition to the profit that will show on several of the new reports.)

My Order Summary Reports

The My Order Summary Reports (MOSR for short) always reports at the line level. Just running MOSR with only this order in the system will show the following for Sales:


And for earnings:


However, the “Manufacturer RS” uses the older logic, showing the manufacturer reported at the order header. The result is the “resell company” is reported for the entire order:


Order Listing Report

NOTE: when using the order listing report, the “Sell” and “Commissioned” selection Criteria should be used – at least for this discussion. Adding Buy and Consolidation orders will inflate the totals when reporting resell orders this way.

The order listing report normally shows the manufacturer at the header level only. Consider the following report with a “Group by” being manufacturer:



The report shows only one entry for the entire order where the manufacturer is “blank”:


To show the totals by manufacturer, switch to the filter tab. The filter essentially duplicates the record for all selected entries that match – AND the value of the record is adjusted as a percentage of the sell price for the manufacturer entry.


(Press the “Add” button to select the factories – any factories not showing will not be reported. This is the only known limitation.)

Here is the resulting report:


Top Down Reporting

Reporting at the line level in Top Down is the easiest! However, there is one trick: there are two “Manufacturer” fields. The default and most used one is “Manufacturer” which reports at the order header level only. The result is the order is reported under the resell company only.


When “Manufacturer Line” is used instead, the order is split into two entries and totaled under the corresponding manufacturer subtotal:


The “Manufacturer” and “Manufacturer Line” fields are available for most any of the reports.

Lot Lines

It is common to report a lot line for a major manufacturer and not for individual brands. The result is the value of all “LOT” lines will only report for the OASIS manufacturer listed on the lot line (no pro-rate algorithm is used for the material listed by individual brands).

Profit (Overage) Lines

Profit and Overage (for commissioned orders) pose an interesting problem. The cost (or net) price is easy when recorded at the line level (see lot lines above). To resolve the issue, the following options are used:

-          List the profit separately under the resell company

-          Pro-rate (as a percentage of the net price/cost) the earnings

Consider this order:


The Top Down report with Manufacturer shows the profit separately:


With Manufacturer Line, the values and earnings are pro-rated between the brands:

The Order Listing Report has a limitation right now and use of the report if you are using individual Profit or Overage is not recommended. The limitation is that the resell company is not a manufacturer in OASIS and the “Filter” feature requires a manufacturer to function. Here is what one would expect from the example order: