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How to setup TOPS for OASIS
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How to setup TOPS for OASIS


This document describes how to setup an agency to participate in the TOPS program. The primary idea is to collect the contractor and contractor PO number, allowing contractors to view order status on the TOPS website.
Please make sure that you are on version 2.6.3 and W230 release of OASIS or higher.

Setting up Contractors

Like Distributors, SAP contractor numbers must be recorded in OASIS, allowing OASIS to automatically send the contractor number to SAP.

Due to agencies renaming the roles for Customers/Contractors in the system, you must first define what roles are your contractors.  This is done by going to the Customer Section of OASIS, to the file menu, and click on configuration.
You should see a screen similar to the one below.
Click on the Roles Tab

Contractor Role should be checked as the Indirect Customer.
Distributor Role should be checked as the Direct Customer.

Notice:  The previous step MUST be completed before sending Orders for TOPS.
If this step is not done the order WILL NOT be coded for TOPS

To setup contractor numbers, begin by adding or opening the contractor entry in OASIS:

After opening the Customer Editor, select the accounts tab. Add Hubbell to the accounts. In the account field, key the contractor number. Please note that Hubbell brands (SAP) codes will be a six-digit number.

Adding Contractor Contact

Adding contractor contacts to the order allows TOPS to email contractors updates to shipping information (e.g. establishing a scheduled ship date or notification that the order shipped).
To make this easier, add the contacts to the contractor “Contacts” tab. Pressing the “insert row” icon () adds contacts to the contractor:

Key the contact name and the email address:

Enabling the Contractor Prompt

To have OASIS warn users when creating project orders (what is called the soft prompt), open the Hubbell manufacturer entry:

Press “Configure”

Select “Options” and set the “Track Contractors” check box”: