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Last modified on 7/12/2012 2:27 PM by User.


Automatic E-mail Shipment Notifications for TOPS Orders

E-mail Shipment Notifications for TOPS Orders

You can now receive updates on shipping directly to your e-mail courtesy of TOPS.  This is effective for OASIS release W273C and above.

Here are the steps to setup the feature in OASIS:

In the user setup, key the “Email” for the customer service users sending HLI/TOPS orders.

Key the order with the “End User PO:” and the contractor identified (optionally add a contact for the contractor to receive shipping updates).

Print the order and send direct to HLI.

If the user has an email address configured, the following popup will show:

Press “YES” to have the email option send the CSR at the agency shipping updates. Don’t assume the order is successfully sent to HLI unless the preview window indicates that it has been successfully sent.