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PO Detail Report by Salesperson



This report is designed to give you a detail of orders for a given timeframe. They can be viewed by Manufacturer, Customer or many other ways. This report also shows you how to filter by Salesperson (Commission Account). This will give you the portion that belongs to this account (salesperson) 


Go to Orders 

Then to Reports on the menu bar and select “Order Transaction Report”


When the window appears (as shown below): 

-   Check “Bookings Reports – All Orders” 

-   Check “Show Details” and “Show Totals Page” 

-   Enter a Timeframe  

-   Account – hit the Add button, then “Add Value(s) window appears – select the Account (Salesman) and hit OK



Then Print. Example of the report below shows Demo as the account reported on and should have all the orders where Demo is listed in the Sales Account area on the order.


NOTE – if the order is split then you will see the portion credited to this salesperson (account)