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Supporting Remote Offices or Users


Groups using OASIS have several options for remote offices/users needing to have data centralized. Separate database can be set up and exchange transactions via email. For groups wanting one central database, a VPN connection will work. Other options include Terminal Services, Citrix, etc. 

Below are various ways that offices may exchange data: 

Emailing Transactions

One way is E-Mailing transactions between two installations of OASIS. Using this method, the remote site installs OASIS and a local database. Periodically, transactions may be extracted from either the local or remote database, and e-mailed to the other system.

Things to consider:

  • Least expensive implementation
  • Does require manual extraction and importing of data

  • Reliable, but it is common to see some transactions missed

Terminal Services

Citrix and Microsoft offer remote terminal applications for Windows servers. Using this method, OASIS is installed at the central office and a “terminal application” is installed at the remote office. Using broadband technology, users at the remote office “login to” the server at the central office.

Things to consider:

  • Requires broadband (DSL or other broad band high speed connections)
  • Requires Windows “Advanced Server”

  • Should consider using a VPN technology (optional).

  • Ingen Software does not recommend using Citrix on older Windows NT servers.

  • Best option for consistent data (only one database involved)