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What to have done before onsite training



  • You should have already viewed a WebEx online demo of OASIS. Follow the help documents for entering manufacturers, customers and contacts into OASIS. Having this information, even if not complete is very useful in training because we like to use your data for training. 
  • We recommend that you start entering in your manufacturers, customers and contacts at each manufacturer or customer ASAP. 

For Manufacturers (Businesses) 

  • General Tab (We recommend at least these entries) 
    1. Manufacturer Name   (Required) 
    2. Manufacturer ID         (Required) 
    3. Agent Number – if known 
    4. Check if Buy/Sell OK – if this mfg allows resale 
  • Contact Information tab

             1.   Enter the various addresses

             2.   Enter the main Phone & Fax Numbers – other data is there to track 

  • Contacts tab 

            1.   Click the third icon from the left to add lines (toolbar)

            2.      Enter the Last and First name (if known), Department and/or Position, Phone and Fax numbers a valid email address will also greatly benefit you

  • Terms tab 

            1.      Enter Std Comm (Standard Commission)

            2.      Enter Std Ovr Split (Standard Overage Split)

            3.      If this mfg has a $$ amount for Freight Allowed and/or Min Dollar Amt for an Order, enter those

            4.      Terms (and Conditions)– any printed terms for this Mfg.

            5.      Commission Opportunities (Commissions/Invoicing) – enter spec, order, destination credits by hitting the add line button on the toolbar (left button) 

  • Accounts tab  

            1.      Come back to when you get Customers in or enter them from the Customers section. Either way will work, it is the same information.


For Customers (Businesses)  

  • General Tab (We recommend at least these entries) 
    1. Customer Name          (Required) 
    2. Customer ID                (Required) 
    3. Active – whether Active or not 
    4. Customer type (if you need to set up other types of customers such as Interior designers or Landscape architects, just give us a call we can walk you through the steps) 
    5. Rank – if desired (explained in training) 
    6. Assigned To – who in your company is assigned to this customer, if used. Usually a salesperson (Sales Account) 
  • Contact Information  

            1.      Enter the Sold, Ship and Billing (they will copy down (if the same) by clicking on the first cell of the next one). May have central Billing address. 

            2.      Enter the main Phone and Fax numbers for this Customer

            3.      Valid email addresses will allow you to send documents from OASIS 


  • Contacts tab
    1. Click the third button from the left on the Toolbar to add lines 
    2. Enter the Last and First name, Department and/or Position, Phone and Fax numbers 
  • Accounts tab - Now that you have entered Manufacturers, you can associate these Customers with a manufacturer. Click on the New button to the left of the trashcan to add manufacturers who have accounts with this customer. 

            1.      The window will appear to add a manufacturer, select it

            2.      Enter account number


For Contacts (People) – We recommend you enter all the contacts associated with a Manufacturer and Customer from within the Contacts tab in the respective manufacturer or customer. They will also show up under the Contacts section of OASIS, but it is quicker to enter them in this way.

 Price Sheets 

  • If you have price sheets in Spreadsheet format we can directly enter those in OASIS. 
  • Ask the manufacturers you represent for a simple spreadsheet of pricing and we should be able to load it into OASIS and train you as well. 
  • Spreadsheet format such as the one below will work great even if you have multiple price levels. 
  • Call or Email us and we will send over a help sheet for converting. 


Catalog Number or Part #




Commission Level


Price Level 2


Commission Level 2

















































NOTE:  OASIS can handle up top 15 levels of pricing

If you need assistance please call. 



You do not have to fill in all the information fields in OASIS (Just the ones required). During training we will show you how to enter information more completely and what OASIS uses this information for.