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Invoices»Disputing an Invoice
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Disputing an Invoice


Invoice Commission Request (ICR)

On occasion an invoice comes in from the factory and is different from the way the order was entered.  It is usually better to resolve issues with the factory at this point as compared to after receiving the commission check.  OASIS provides a way to deal and account for these issues.

Applying a Dispute

In the Invoice

  1. click on the Dispute tab


  1. Check Disputed - by checking the “Disputed” box you are flagging this invoice as something that needs to be reviewed.
  2. Select Reviewer – by selecting a Reviewer (generally the person in the office who created the order) you are asking the person to review with the factory as to how the order was entered. The price, commission, overage, etc may have entered wrong, error at the factory or any other issue. Selecting a Reviewer will a Reminder to shown on the Reviewer’s Home Screen along with a category of Disputed Invoices
  3. Disputed Amount – enter any disputed dollar amount.
  4. Any notes to the “reviewer” enter in the text box provided.
  5. Save and Close – this will cause the Disputed invoice to show on the “Reviewer’s” Home screen.

Sending a Note to the Factory

OASIS also provides a way to send a Note off to the factory indicating a discrepancy on the invoice. This note can be printed, emailed, fax, etc to the factory from OASIS

Here’s how:


  • In the Invoice (as shown above), click the “Note” button
  • The Request Commissions window appears - enter the message you want to send to the factory in the Notes area.
  • Output to – you can email, print and fax, fax or send to the factory any number of ways.
  • A copy of this document will be in the Attachments tab

 Resolving the Dispute

  1. Open the invoice
  2. Go to the Dispute Tab
  3. Check the "Resolved" check box
  4. Type in the text area below how the Dispute was resolved