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OASIS Training


OASIS is a very feature rich tool, thus it takes some intense training to understand. It is very user friendly; however we provide on-site training that will help get you started in the right direction.

It takes a minimum of a day and a half of on-site training to go through the program. Usually this takes 2 full days. Additional training time would allow the trainer more time to cover more complicated or additional training topics and  to work with users one on one.   If the client wants the training to split training groups into 2 sessions to allow the business to remain open, plan for additional time. Length of training for Distributor clients will vary based upon the applications of OASIS used. 


OASIS “Go To” person

There needs to be an appointed OASIS “Go To” person who sets through all the training, is involved in all areas of the agencies operation as it relates to OASIS. This person should be the first person a user goes to when there is an issue with OASIS. This person may not be able to answer the question but will call Ingen Software or direct the person to call and resolve the issue.


This person will be responsible for performing a few OASIS admin functions from time to time as needed. This person should be computer literate, meaning they should be familiar with the basic operation of a computer, Windows, etc.


What is needed from the Client?

  • Conference Room with an empty wall to project training program.
  • Network connection in the conference room  (Or wireless) – we like to use your data for training. If that is not possible we can adapt.

  • Projector to connect our laptop computer for training – if you do not have a projector we can supply one.

  •  All trainees present for first 2 hours if possible – see below

  •  Next 6-7 hours will cover Projects, Quotes and Submittals

  •  Next 4-5 hours (usually next day) will cover CSR, Order Entry, Shipping, and Resell training (for representatives only).  Again depending on whether Resell is done.

  •  1 hour is needed for Invoice/Commission reconciliation training (commission training for representatives only)

  •  1 hour  for Reports and Admin features.

  •  There are no computers needed for the training, we prefer to lecture and have all trainees focused on the trainer. We have found this works very well

Suggested number of hours per session



Initial Introduction to OASIS, Home Screen, Calendar, Contacts, Manufacturer and Customers 1 - 2 hours
Entering a job, Projects and Quotes 5-6 hours
Submittals 1 hour
Order Entry 3 hours
Shipping :30 min
Resell 1 hour
Invoice / Payment reconciliation 1-2 hours
Reporting 1 hour, Admin type reporting, other reporting will be scattered among other sections
Admin features 1 hour, Security, OASIS management, "Go to" person, Support calls, etc
Samples, Inventory,  Individual assistance ??



Note – Salespersons may be involved in only part of the first session if needed or we can have a separate session for them if needed.



This schedule can be adjusted depending on your agency needs. We understand the need to keep the agency from shutting down the office as little as possible.

If you would like to make changes in the schedule please let us know before we make plane and hotel reservations.

 Please let us know about any changes ahead of time.