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Getting Started with OASIS


Once you have made the decision to move forward with OASIS, there are likely a few questions you may have and items you will need to know about how to get started.



OASIS is a typical Client / Server application meaning there is a database that will house ALL the data. This is usually installed on a server however it can be installed on a pc (please give us a call for recommendations).  Then you will install the client portion of OASIS on each user’s desktop that needs access to the system. This installation process is straightforward and simple. We will send you easy to follow instructions or we can walk you through it over the phone.

OASIS is Windows based so it is user-friendly. Users that are familiar with other Microsoft products such as Excel and Outlook will feel very comfortable in this environment.


Customer Support

We take customer support very seriously at Ingen Software. We answer the phone from 7am – 7pm CST Monday through Friday. If users need help after hours or weekends, please contact us to see if someone can be available. When you call you will talk to a person who can answer your questions or get answers and respond usually no more than 24 hrs later. If you need help getting OASIS installed or simply have questions, please give us a call or email at


Hardware Requirements

OASIS will run on client machines installed with the Windows XP or any later version of the Windows operating system.  However, we recommend Windows 7.0 or later for optimum performance.  OASIS will run on the Macintosh operating system.  For more information please contact support. 

Requirements for the server or pc that stores the OASIS database depend on several things especially the number of users of OASIS. Check the Hardware Requirements helpsheet in this section.


What Next

  • Get OASIS installed - you should have been sent instructions to install OASIS along with a Demo license file. If not please let us know and we can provide those to you. If you need help installing OASIS give us a call and we can help.
  • Begin entering Manufacturers, Customers and Contacts – if you were sent the demo or are installing for the first time, use it as your “live” database. It is the production version it just does not have permanent license keys. If you have data entered, can be moved later if needed. It also helps in training as we can use your data to train your users on OASIS.
  • Call us if you have questions.


We highly recommend "onsite training" as the best way to get the most from OASIS, give us a call to schedule your group as soon as possible. Our schedule is usually booked several months out most times, so scheduling may be an issue if you are planning something quickly.

WebEx online training is available as well. Call us for options and scheduling.



Training can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. For most groups we recommend 2 full days to get the most from the system. There are many tools available to users in OASIS and we want you to get the most out of the system.