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Welcome to OASIS!
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Welcome to OASIS!

Thank you for your purchase of the OASIS software. We look forward to working with you and your staff.  Included in this email are several administrative matters. 

  1. This article will help your business prepare for a successful launch of OASIS.  There are helpsheets that will assist you in entering manufacturer, customer and contact information necessary for training (we prefer to use your data for training). 
  2. Once, we have received a signed copy of your license agreement and payment for the licenses we will issue permanent license keys for your location. For our Canadian clients we must have a signed copy of the software agreement before conducting onsite training in order to complete the trainer's immigration packet to enter the country.
  3. Invoice for licenses-  The Accounting Department will send an invoice for the licenses that will match the quote emailed to you by Tony Moss.  If it does not match or you have any questions, please let us know.
  4. Training- We encourage onsite training to get the most from OASIS. Let us know as soon as you decide if you would like onsite training because our schedule is subject to change daily and the dates you may ask for may already be scheduled. WebEx online training is available as well, if interested please call us. If you have any questions, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Server Download

Customer type: First time users or for main computers for others to remote into 

This version gives you full functionality, including sample full screen within Oasis. Even if you don't have a server, still download this version to have full access to everything in Oasis.

Client Download

Customer type: Working remotely

This version is better suited for employees who will be remoting into a computer that is directly connected to the server. They will not be able to use the sample fullscreen, but client version uses less disk space. 

Rep version

Manufacturer Version

Distributor Version