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Assigning Price Lists To Orders, Quotes And Workgroups


With V2.7 W273C1, it is possible to assign a price list to just quotes, quotes and orders or to a combination of workgroups (offices).

Accessing the Screen

To access the configuration screen, open the manufacturer entry and select the "Terms" tab. Then select the "Price Lists" tab.

Alternatively, select "Pricing" under manufacturers, expand the manufacturer entry, then double click on the "Product Information" entry. The "Active Price Lists" tab shows as below.


The screen allows for individual applications (quotes and orders) and or individual workgroup assignments. Simply click on the check boxes to provide the level of detail required for your application:

Showing each assigment individually (just change entries as required):

Showing only one active price list for the manufacturer (most common use). Uncheck both selections and select the required price list: