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Last modified on 3/27/2013 8:41 AM by User.

Entering invoices and a payment at the same time


Need to add multiple invoices at one time and create a payment with the invoices. This is for a number of invoices (not just one or two), but for many (10 or more).


Use the multiple invoice/po entry feature to add multiple invoice (10 or more) at one time. The following columns on the screen should be used:

  • PO# - the PO number
  • Invoice# - the invoice number
  • Inv. Date - invoice date
  • Inv. Sales - amount of the invoice
  • Inv. Comm - required - but only used when creating POs.
  • Date Paid - date of payment (we recommend using the same date for all invoices in one posting).
  • Amount Paid - amount of payment

NOTE: it is recommended to use the standard invoice entry screen for fewer than 10 invoices.


  • First: Select the invoice section in OASIS. Then select "Multiple Commissioned PO/Invoice Entry" feature in the "Tools" menu.
  • Select the factory.
  • Then use the preferences to show (at a minimum) the fields described above.
  • Key or paste in the data.
  • Press the "Create Transactions" button


  • Here is what the resulting invoice might look like:

  • Here is what the payment might look like (NOTE: you still need to reconcile the payment to ensure the order was properly paid):