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Project Recap Report


Users have asked for a report that will basically summarize the status of a single project. The job has been quoted, orders have been sent to factory, items have been shipped, invoices applied, and maybe even some or all payments have been made. The Project Recap report will show you all orders, invoices, and payments applied, showing the balances of each.


POBal – dollars remaining to be invoiced (invoice dollars not yet applied in OASIS)

CommBal / Open – monies still owed


How to run: 

 - In a Project/Quote

 - Go to Reports on the toolbar, select “Project Recap”.

-   A window will appear with options for Output and how to show the Recap

-   Basic Recap (listings only) – will list all orders by mfg to display

-   Recap by type – will list order by Type

-   Examples of both reports below

-          Select the report and click OK.


Examples of both reports


Basic Recap (listings only)









  Recap By Type