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Installing OASIS on Macintosh
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Last modified on 7/17/2017 3:43 PM by User.


Installing OASIS on Macintosh


This User Guide will walk you through the install of OASIS on a Mac.  The pictures were taken using macOS Sierra (Version 10.12.5).  Your situation may vary a little depending on which OS version and your security settings.

Downloading the OASIS Installer

The software is available at:

Most likely you will chose the OASIS CLIENT (64-Bit) option.  However, if you have a non-64bit machine, then you will have to use the no JVM option and go to the Apple Store to get Java.

After clicking the option, you should see the download in progress at the bottom of your browser winder.  Depending on which browser you use and the security settings you might get something like this:

In this case, choose Keep.

You will then see the following:

Running the OASIS Installer

You can click the icon at the bottom of your browser window, or go to your download folder and double click the installer there.  Depending on security settings, you may see the following screen:

If so, then click OK.  Then click the down arrow next to the installer image at the bottom of the browser window.  Then choose show in Finder.

Right click on the installer and choose Open.

Now you will get the same pop-up warning, however you will have the option to Open now.

Next you will see the install window.  Choose Continue.

Then on the next screen choose install.

When the installation is complete, you might get a question on if you want to move the installer to trash.  You can move it to trash if you wish, without any impact to the program.


Starting OASIS!

You will then find OASIS in your Applications folder.

This is what the icon looks like.  

Double click the icon to start OASIS.

Click here, for the steps when running OASIS for the first time.

Running out of Memory in Oasis?!

Run Oasis in 2G or 4G mode to start your application with more memory.

You can download and install these launchers and place them in your application folder.

Note: You may have to use the instructions above, for security settings.

2G installer:

4G installer: