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Helpful Hints - Cheat Sheet for OASIS

Helpful Hints

  • Have a good backup system in place. If you have questions about this, give us a call. We can offer some recommendations.
  • Customers - we encourage groups to enter, not only distributors and/or contractors, but all specifiers (architects, engineers, etc), basically anyone/entity that might be involved in a job. Reporting by any of these customers is available in OASIS.
  • Contacts - are people, enter all the people at manufacturers and customers (including specifiers) that you do business with daily. You can then attach these customer/contacts to jobs and report on later.


OASIS Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Key

Ctrl+A Selects all
Ctrl+C Copies what is selected (highlighted) 
Ctrl+V Pastes what is copied 
Ctrl+S Save - must Save before entering Contacts
Ctrl+X Cuts what is selected, and then you can paste it elsewhere. 
Ctrl+Z Undo 
Ctrl+F Copies the cell above in projects/quotes, used as find in orders 
Ctrl+L Copies the line above in projects/quotes
Ctrl+N Create new
Ctrl+O Goes into the editor for whatever name is selected in the listing
Ctrl+G Find next when searching 
Ctrl+W Close 
Ctrl+P Print 
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+I Insert Row in Projects and Orders
Ctrl+D Remove Selected Row
Ctrl+U(Projects) Move Row Up
Ctrl+J(Projects) Move Row Down
F1 Go directly to help documents through Oasis
F2 Expands certain cells to a window where all text can be seen or typed (Used in the Line item Note columns on a Quote or Order, To Do text box in Followups tab, etc)
Shift+F3 Brings up the Configurator (if available) in a Quote or Order
F3 Brings up the Parts List (if available) in a Quote or Order
F3(Invoices) Create Matching PO
F4 Brings up Price History while in a Quote or Order
F5 Refresh key (use to see the results of a change immediately.
F6(Projects) Brings up the Crossover table
F6(Orders) Change Part when doing a Change Order
F6(Invoices) Invoice None
F7(Projects) Crossover History
F7(Orders) View Order Status Downloads
F7(Invoices) Invoice all
F8 Changes view between spreadsheet mode and non-spreadsheet mode in Orders and Invoices
F9 Save and new Invoice or Payment
F10 Open File tab
F11 Next tab
F12 Previous tab


OASIS and most spreadsheet programs

You can copy the bill of material in a quote or order and paste it in a spreadsheet and vice-versa (provided the columns match). You can also copy from one quote to another. If copying to OASIS from a spreadsheet, make sure the columns match in OASIS.

Price lists in spreadsheet form may also be copy/pasted in OASIS. See the Help doc under Price Lists.

Preferences (under the File menu) - Lets you change the way a screen looks (columns and more)

  • Column Width - You can adjust the width of columns in OASIS by first adjusting the columns as you like, then going to File, then Preferences, then click OK.
  • Add/Remove Columns - You add or delete columns by going to File, then Preferences, moving the columns from the “Show …” side to the “Available Fields” side and vice-versa as needed, then click OK. Some of the newer preferences windows allow you to select check boxes to add columns. 
  • Order of Columns - go to File, then Preferences. In the “Show” area, highlight a column/field and use the up or down button to position the order. Then click OK. 

Price Lists

You can create price lists in the Manufacturers application. Just go to manufacturer, click on the pricing section, then File, then New and create a new price list. Then, quotes or orders system(s) can obtain products and associated prices. 

  • If you have a Price List in a spreadsheet, you can copy and paste the list (in most cases) into OASIS (we can help with the first one). Just ask your mfg’s for a plain simple spreadsheet of prices. 
  • The columns in the OASIS price sheet MUST match the columns from the spreadsheet to copy accurately. 
  • Refer to the other Help sheets on the OASIS Knowledge Base web site or contact us. 
  • Or click W43: Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to OASIS

Quote screen - Bid tab

  • To copy the “Type” -When entering another line with the same type, OASIS will ask if you want to copy the line. 
  • To move a line up or down - just highlight a cell on the line – use the move line up or down button on the toolbar or go to Edit and the select Move Row Up or Down. NOTE: You can select multiple lines and move them up or down as well. 
  • In the Note field/column, you can always press F2 to expand to a window view and it allows you to edit the text in a larger window. 
  • In some cases it is beneficial to be able to compare two different phases of a project at once. Usually this would require a lot of clicking back and forth. A simple trick is the hold the Ctrl key and right click a phase tab to pop it out of the project view.


Quote Bid Columns

Reference Only columns 

  • Book – Distributor net price, street price, called several different things 
  • Base & Base Comm – Lowest, walk away price, least price you would sell – just for reference 
  • Obase & Obase Comm – The price at which the factory starts paying overage on – the commission

Customer Pricing "only" columns 

  • Sell & Sell Comm 
  • Level 1, 2, 3 & Comm columns 

Manipulating Prices

Use the Math Function button (to the right of the Create PO green button) to use one column price, manipulate it, round up the price, and then insert it in another column. 

You can also use the Spread Profit function to adjust prices as well (under Tools>Spread Profit. 


Code Column for Quotes/Projects



  • Type the Code (Overage,Note, Lot etc) in the Qty column. 
  • You can create Hold Orders, Partial Orders (Hold, then Release Column), then do Releases as necessary 
  • "Out of Territory Splits" - Tools - Agency Splits in OASIS, click
  • Price/Part History - Tools - Look up Part History (F4) – see how you priced the item in the past.