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Price Lists»Creating a new Price List
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Creating a new Price List

This Example Situation:

You have several different lamps you sell. Instead of trying to remember the part numbers, create a Lamp manufacturer and enter the Lamp part numbers

Creating a Manufacturer

Go to Manufacturers.
Then if you have not created a “Lamp” manufacturer use the steps below. 
Go to File then New
You must enter a unique Manufacturer ID and Manufacturer Name – in this case you may want to use “Lamps” for both

This should be all you need unless you have default commission you want enter in the Terms tab

Creating the Blank Parts List

Next, go the “Pricing” application under Manufacturers and scroll down to “LAMPS".  If there is no price list already in LAMPS then it might not show initially.  This is because the default listing is "MY MFGs With Pricing."  If you click on My Manufacturers on the right side, then you will get a list of all active manufacturers, regardless of if they have a price list or not.

Click on “LAMP” once as shown above, so it is highlighted.

Then go to File, then New, then New…(to create a New price list)

This should bring up the Parts List Editor window – a new price list

By default, OASIS calls the Parts List ID “New” so enter the ID name – keep it fairly short because this name shows in the drop down list to make this price list active. 
Generally, try to keep it in the area you can see on the screen.

Entering Parts Information

In the Parts List tab you can start entering parts.

You can adjust the columns by clicking and dragging them into new orders or new widths.  You can also click File->Preferences to show/hide columns.

OASIS allows you to enter up to 15 levels of pricing and commission. You may also enter a ‘Book” price and commission.

Book – means to most agencies the “Street Price”, “Distributor Net” or other term – It’s just a place to start when creating a quote.

Once you have entered all the parts entered (you can add to the list at any time), set the effective start and end date at the top of the price list and hit tab. You will be prompted to update the effective start and end dates for all items on the list. Click Change on both pop ups (it might take a moment for it to process).  You will also be prompted if you want to make the price list active.  YOu will need to do this if you are immediately using this price list.  You can activate it later with the instructions below.

Then hit OK to save the price list.

Making the Parts List Active

Go back to Manufacturers and double-click on ‘Lamps” manufacturer in the list.  This opens the Manufacturer Editor

Then go to the “Terms” tab and then the "Price Lists" subtab on the right. As shown below, click on the drop down for “Active Parts List” and select the Price List you want to make active. Once you have made this price list active, then the next time each user logs in, he will be able to use the new price list.

Other features:

  • You also copy and paste price lists to and from OASIS and excel or any spreadsheet formatted document
  • You can also set the quote and order paths if you have more than one price column – when you are in a quote or order and select the part the price will drop in as well
  • You can also have part price exceptions for customers
  • You can store many other items in the price list such as Part types, part quantity, cost, unit quantity, standard carton and many other items.