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PO Summary Report


This report is designed to show you a calendar year, month to month summary of orders. Sales dollars, commission rates, total earnings (commission, overage and markup/profit) and some Year-to-Date comparisons. The report gives you an overall report of PO sales dollars for the year broken out by month. Grand totals for each month plus totals for rows as well. 


How to run: 

Go to the Reports section of OASIS 

In the toolbar at the top, click Worksheets, then “Top Down Reporting” 

You should see a screen similar to the one below.

Select the “Report” style from the dropdown list. Select “PO Summary”. 

Then check the items/totals you want to see in the report (as shown in Red above)

Then hit the ‘Update” button in the upper left of the screen

It should produce a report similar to the one below.