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Quote Summary By Customer



Users in OASIS have access to many styles of quote reporting. Summarizing quotes by customers could be very helpful in knowing how many dollars in quotes you have quoted each customer by month. Not only does the report give you monthly totals per customer, but also:

-          Totals per month for all customers

-          Average earnings per customer and per month

-          Total count, number of transactions involved

-          This year to last year comparison

-          Percent of all business – what percent of your business is to each customer

This information can be very helpful in knowing where your business is coming from, patterns, projected dollars for the future


Running the report 

Go to the Reports section in OASIS

Click on Worksheets on the toolbar and select Top Down Reporting

-   In the Top Down Reporting window:

-   Change "Report" in the header area to “Quote Summary”

-   Drag & drop “Customer” from the "Fields" area to the "Row Headings" area (shown below)

-   Adjust any other filters in the heading area.


-   Click “Update” in the upper left of the screen.

-   The report will display, ready for printing.


 The printed report example below