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Checkpoints in Quotes

This document shows how to save “checkpoints” in OASIS. Normally OASIS bids are used to track changing versions of a quote. However, some changes are small and it is easier just to “checkpoint” the quote, allowing for changes that may be saved and later recalled. Or you simply want to recall a previous bid, make changes and re-bid.

Creating a Checkpoint

Consider the following quote – an initial bid for a job:


If you need to create a Checkpoint (may have a reason to come back to this point at some time)

  • Select “Tools”
  • then “Checkpoint”
  • then "Save Checkpoint”


Fill out information identifying the change or the point:

Now, proceed with any new changes in the quote, printing or saving as needed:

Restoring a Checkpoint

There might be any number of reasons why you need to revert to a previous checkpoint. Perhaps the customer changed their mind on some modifications, or perhaps the wrong project was edited.

NOTE – We recommend saving a checkpoint before recalling a new one (only to ensure changes you have just made may be recalled later).

To restore a checkpoint:

  • Select “Tools”
  • then “Checkpoint”
  • then "Restore Checkpoint”

A list of available checkpoints will appear.

Double click on the desired checkpoint to restore.

The user can then proceed with quoting.

Implementation Notes 

A checkpoint will save the bill of material to the attachments tab of the project in a native OASIS data format. The attachment is not important – but this is a nice way make a note on a job that something has changed and the date/time associated with that change: