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Saving a Report in OASIS
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Saving a Report in OASIS



There are many reports built into OASIS and over the years we have found that no two groups report the same way. For this reason, we have many different ways to report with all sorts or filters, groups and selections. These reports can be saved and re-run with a couple of clicks.


Pick any report. The examples below apply to any report created in OASIS.

  • Always look for Title (allows you to name the report) ans "Save Report" (allows you to save the report, also shows in the Reports section) 

Example of saving a report



Order Summary Report (Sample) 


On the Home screen, go to Reports and select Order Summary Report

-  In the report window, set parameters as needed

-  In the Title area, type the desired name for the report

Then, click the “Save Report” button.

 -  The Message window will appear and indicate the report has been saved

Now the report is available in the Reports section of OASIS.



Re-running saved reports



To simply re-run the report, double-click on the report in the list

In the Report Options window hit Print

  - Or Edit to review the report paramters and make changes before running.