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Quote Master Report



Agencies have needs ranging from producing a simple weekly quote report to a more elaborate one filtered many different ways. The Quote Master report allows you simply run a quotes report by a timeframe, report for a single manufacturer, a customer, to tailoring the columns you want to see. You can also adjust the report and save it to run again at a later date. 

Other than a weekly orders report, this is likely the most used report in OASIS. 


To produce the Master Quote Listing

  • Go to Projects
  • Then Reports, then Quote Listing  (2nd listing)


  • In the General tab, there are several options including Timeframe. Explanations of this and other items are listed below.




Field/Button Description
Output To Where you want the Output sent
Title Enter a title if you wish to save the report (optional)
Timeframe Select the timeframe for the report
Min Quote Enter the dollar amount for the minimum quote amount to the report (optional)
For Manufacturer **Important** If you enter a manufacturer here, the report will only show the selected manufacturer's portion of each quote. (Optional - leave blank unless wanting to only show a manufacturer's portion)
Sort By Sort by several options (optional)
Asc/Desc If sorting is being used, choose ascending or descending sort
Save Report Saves the report in the Reports section for one-click running
  • Next, hit the “Show” tab
  • Select the items you want to show on the report (this tab allows you to choose the columns you want to see on the report).

  • Go to the “Select” tab (optional). There are many other filters shown here where users can “drill down” to get specific information 
    I.    Basic tab – general filter options
    II.    Money – filter by minimum dollars amounts on various price levels.
    III.   Internal – filter by internal items to the user – Quoter, Sales Account, CSR, Customer Assigned to and Workgroup
    IV.  Parties – filter by any parties associated to the transactions 
    V.   Notes – you may now filter by any notes, partial notes, words including Internal Notes
    VI.  Attachments and Search Keys work the same as other areas 

    NOTE – filtering too much may result in items not showing on the report


  • Add any filters needed.
  • For Quote Status or leave blank to show all OR enter Status(es) as needed
  • Quote Status – OASIS moves each quote along in various statuses. Example – “Quoted” to a customer, “submitted”, “ordered”, etc. Example - Submitted will show all quotes that have been submitted to a customer.
  • Once any filters have been selected, click Print.
  • OASIS should produce a report similar to the one below