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Order Entry Reporting


One of the reports available to users is Order Entry reporting which gives you a broad view orders for the month selected. It gives the dollars of invoices applied, a transaction count and a quick comparison to last year. The report can be filtered many ways including reporting the workload on a CSR person or view by customer or manufacturer. 


How to run: 

-   Go to Reports 

-   Click Worksheets on the toolbar and select “Top Down Reporting”. 


-   In the Report drop down, select “Order Entry Report”.


In the Row Heading area you can change:

  • Year – switch between years
  • Month – current month or switch months
  • NOTE – to report for the entire year, set the Month to blank
  • Order By – sort by any field available in the list
  • Ascending – switch between ascending or descending. 

  • When complete, click “Update”. 

    Example of the report is below. It includes a Count of the orders, Average order size, comparison to the previous year.

    Other options:  CSR Workload Report

    -   In the Top Reporting window, 

    -   Drag & drop “CSR” from the Filter area to the Row Headings area to replace “Manufacturer” 

    -   Shown below

    -   Then click “Update” again 


    -   Example below. The report shows all orders enter by the CSR’s for the timeframe.


    The report can be filtered many other ways.