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Resolving multiple logins for a user

Version 2.7 Tech Document

Licensing issue when converting to Ver 2.7 – Users with multiple logins



In previous versions of OASIS, some groups created more than one login because they had more than one Workgroup. The logo, address, etc may be different for each workgroup.

In Ver 2.7, OASIS allows a user to create, edit, etc transactions under the same login for more than one Workgroup.


The Workgroup logo will follow the workgroup the transaction is created in


It is ok to set up Users/Sales Accounts that never login to OASIS, this does not count as a license.

Here is an example of that:

  • I have outside salesperson(s) who I want to credit jobs/orders to, they do not have OASIS or use OASIS

Here is how to set up the User to have access 

  • Go to Configuration (assumes you have Admin rights)
  • Then Users and double-click on the user
  • Go to the Workgroup tab
  • Check all workgroups this user will need access to.

Click OK

For groups with multiple Workgroups:

  • When a user creates a new transaction such as an order, a window will popup
  • The user can select the Workgroup he/she wants to work in

Changing the Workgroup on an existing order 

A user can also change the Workgroup on an existing transaction

  • Example – an order
  • Open the order, then click "Tools" on the toolbar and select "Change Workgroup"

  • A window will open displaying the available Workgroups
  • Select/highlight the workgroup needed. Then click OK.


The Workgroup logos, addresses, etc will show on the transaction