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Quotes Detail from Top Down - By Account, By Contractor

(By Sales Account)(by Contractor)


There are several ways to report on quote activity in OASIS. One view is by sales person (Account). Sales accounts can be assigned to distributors, architects, engineers, etc. Because a sales person is usually assigned to specifiers, OASIS can generate reports based on these sales accounts. The example below intends to show all quotes/jobs which have a certain sales account assigned to it for follow-up. Other filters may be assigned to the report as well, but here are the basics.


Go to the Reports section in OASIS

Click on Worksheets on the toolbar and select Top-Down Reporting


In the Top Down Reporting window:

  • Change "Report" in the header area to “Quote Detail”
  • Drag & Drop the “Account” from the "Fields" area to the “Report Grouping” area at the bottom of the screen
  • The Select Values window appears – Move the Sales Accounts entries from the "Available" side to the "Show" side as needed
  • (This will produce a report for each Account selected)
  • Hit OK
  • Set the Timeframe as needed.
  • Order By and Sort Ascending or Descending if needed.
  • Row Headings can be changed from Manufacturer to any filter from the Fields area on the left by simply drag & drop


  • This will create one report per person selected (using the example above, I will get one report for Demo and one for Elizabeth)
  • Hit OK
  • Then, from the “Fields” area, drag & drop the “Contractor” to the "Row Headings" area (shown below)
  • Then change the "Order By" to read "Contractor."
  • Select the timeframe needed

  • Then hit Update
  • This will create one report for each Sales Account selected, then broken out by Contractor
  • Group – Sales Account in this case