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Setting up the HLI Auto Downlo…
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Last modified on 10/20/2015 12:07 PM by User.

Setting up the HLI Auto Download


For the HLI Specialization we have a way that you can automate the Order Status Downloads (Pricing and Commission downloads are still a manual process).  
We recommend for these steps to be done on a machine that either is not used or where the OASIS user is not consistently active in OASIS throughout the day.  If it is used on a machine that is actively used the OASIS user may experience some slowness when the download process is running.

Steps to Setup

  1. Download this file to your desktop:  HLI-BATCH.txt
  2. As an admin to OASIS login and go to the configuration section
  3. Click on Software
  4. Under the Heading of "Database Management"  there is a link to "Run SQL" click on that link
  5. A new window will appear, click on the button with the three dots on it and select the HLI-BATCH.txt file
  6. Then click OK
    • You should get a message that says "Query ran without errors"; If you get any error message at all please Contact OASIS Support immediately
  7. Then go to the "Tools" menu in the configuration section of OASIS 
  8. Click on "Batch Jobs"
  9. You should see an entry for "HLI-ORDER-STATUS." Highlight it by clicking on it.
  10. Click on the File menu
  11. Select to start the auto download
  12. Please allow a couple of hours before checking the status of the download or if it is running