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Setup and Use of Resell»Tax Account
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Last modified on 10/22/2012 9:02 AM by User.

Tax Account

OASIS understands resell and the many associated actions that resell includes. In order to “sell” to an end customer some groups are required to charge taxes and some are not. In OASIS, there must be at least one tax account set up whether or not taxes are ever charged. This action tells OASIS if taxes are to be charged, if so how much or if this customer is exempt.

Column name and definitions are as follows:


How the account will show up in Oasis.


Descriptive text or notes for the account.


Crossover account: Used to track accounts in account type software.


Check box: marked = active account; unmarked = inactive account.

Standard Percentage

What the rate of tax is in percentage (%).

Tax Freight

Check box: marked = yes tax freight; unmarked = do not tax freight.

To set up an Account (must have administrative rights)

  1. Go to Configuration
  2. Then Tax Account
  3. Go to File, then New Tax Account
  4. Enter the Name of the account and a Description (if needed)
  5. Enter the “Standard Percentage” of the tax.
  6. Activate the tax account
  7. Tax Freight if needed
  8. Hit OK. 

*Important* If the account is not active Oasis will not be able to pull the information into a transaction of any kind.

*Important* OASIS will add this tax to any customer invoice that is taxable. (When it is added to the customer's terms tab entry.)

Repeat this process for multiple taxes. Some groups may have a State tax, County tax and/or a City tax.


NOTE: For Canadian groups, you may have a Provincial tax as well as Canada tax.