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Last modified on 1/19/2018 11:40 AM by User.

Copy and Pasting a Price List into OASIS

(In Excel or spreadsheet format into OASIS) 



OASIS can use a spreadsheet of pricing you may have in electronic format in Excel or spreadsheet file to help you with pricing. Below are the instructions to copy/paste the price sheet into OASIS and allow these parts and price lists to be used while quoting/ordering a job. 


Parts List in OASIS means Price List or Pricer 


Important - Your spreadsheet needs to be as unformatted as possible. In other words, strip out items such as $ signs, thumbnail pictures, special cell formatting, etc to get a plain, simple spreadsheet. It should look similar to the one below, but could have several more columns. 


In OASIS, go to Manufacturers. Highlight the sub folder under Manufacturers called “Pricing”.


Click on the manufacturer once so that it is highlighted (as shown below) 


Then go to File, then New. A new Parts List Editor (Sheet) will appear. Notice the Parts List ID (Name) by default is called “new”. Give this Parts (Price) List a name if needed.  

Tip – keep the name short and you may want to use a date in the name to show when this price list was created. 

Description – If needed, describe the type of price list. 

Effective Start / Effective End may be used if needed

Notice there are many columns available. (OASIS allows you to create up to 15 columns of pricing). 


How to copy & paste 

First, we need match the columns in your spreadsheet with the ones in OASIS in order to copy / paste the new price list. Have the columns listed from your spreadsheet ready.


In our example (Spreadsheet), we have 6 columns consisting of Part No, Description, 2 columns of pricing and 2 associated columns of commission. 


In the new OASIS price list, go to File, then Preferences. Notice the “Show Fields” and “Available Fields” (below) of the window that appears.  

Show Fields are the columns you are currently using , in the order you are using. 

Show Fields... - all the columns you currently see in the Parts List Editor (on your Price List)

Available Fields... - All the columns that are available to view

Less Than - moves the highlighted items from the Available side to the Show side

Double Less Than - moves all available items to the show side

Greater Than - removes a highlighted item(s) (column) from the Price List, will not be seen in the Price list when viewed

Double Greater Than - removes all columns from the Price List

Up & down buttons - used to move columns around in the Price List in the show fields side,

highlight a column (item), use the Up or Down button to move the column to the new order

The Column order adjustment will be permanent

The Show Fields… is showing us all the columns we are currently viewing. We need to make the columns match the spreadsheet by removing/adding fields (columns) we don’t want to see and/or adding the ones we need. Since we only need 6 columns in this case, highlight the column (item) you do not need. You must do these one at a time.  

Tip – you can also double-click each item to remove

Then hit the “Less than” button in the middle of the screen to remove. 

Your window should now look similar to the one below.


Hit OK and your Parts List should look similar to the one below. 

Now the columns in OASIS match the columns on our spreadsheet. 


Now, minimize this screen OR bring up the spreadsheet. 


Copy the all the data (only, no headers) in the spreadsheet (by dragging and highlighting or edit/copy, etc) 

Note – do not copy the headers! 

Now, minimize the spreadsheet or go back to the new Price List in OASIS.  

Highlight the first cell (this case, highlight the first cell in the Part column) 


Then hold the Control (Ctrl) key down and hit “V” OR Edit then Paste 

May take a few seconds (or longer depending on how big you spreadsheet is), but the data from the spreadsheet should appear in the new price list. 

If not, or it only displays one line, go to the "Level Names" tab then back to the Part List tab - they should all show.


Once the price list appears, hit Ok. 


A window may appear asking if you want to make this price list the “Default price list” answer “Yes” or hit Ok if you want this to be the standard price list for this manufacturer.



Occasionally, you will get a message window saying you have duplicates and will list the duplicates. You must resolve/adjust/delete the duplicate entries before saving the price list in OASIS. Look through the new price list in OASIS and correct the duplicate lines and try to save again by clicking the Ok button. Each time the Duplicate window will appear until all duplicates have been resolved.


Once they are resolved, you should be able to use the new price.


Product Drop Down Menus

To use the Drop down list of part numbers while in a Quote:

-    By default, the drop down list is active

-    If you want to turn it off, in the quote, go to File then Preferences, click the Options tab and un-check the box for “Show Product drop down menus”