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Creating Company Mailing Labels


Since OASIS stores the logo for your company (and for any resell entity as well) you can print agency (your company) labels as well.

Here’s how: 

  • Go to Customers or Manufacturers
  • Then File and select Print Agency Labels
  • In the Print Agency Labels window you have several options.


  • In the Print Agency Labels window you have several options.


Output To

Which printer to print from


For agencies with more than one workgroup, select the workgroup to print from. If adding the logo OASIS will use the logo associated with this workgroup


Select the size of the labels needed

From with Logo, From, To

If logo is desired, select “From with Logo”

From – uses the agency address with no logo

To – use the words “To:” then the agency address. Example to enclose a self addressed envelope for a person to return something to you.

Label Count

Select the number of labels per sheet


If the labels sheet is used you can select the label to start with on the used sheet. Click the Skip button and select where to start otherwise it assumes a new sheet is being used.


-          Hit OK

-          Example below is a 2 x 4 agency label print with logo