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Creating Mailing Labels


Much like many word processing programs OASIS also provides a way to create mailing labels both for customers and for your company. There are two sizes most commonly used, a 2 x 4 inch label for larger packages and a 1 x 4 label letter size envelopes. These have any number of uses including mailing lists, Christmas card lists, company labels for mailing, etc. OASIS uses standard labels you can find at most office supply stores.

The document below will help you create:

  • Customer or Manufacturer labels
  • Agency labels 

Create Customer or Manufacturer Mailing Labels 


Go to Customers or Manufacturers (for this example we will use Customers)

  • Search, Sort or Group customers as needed
  • In this example, we want to create labels and send a letter to all architects. So, in Customers click on Architects in the Search area on the right side on the screen


  • Then go to File, select "Print Labels"

-          In the Print Customer Label window you have several options


Output To 

Select printer 

Batch Name 

-          Not functional at this point 


The customers selected on the previous screen should show, however you can add and remove any selections needed 


Select the size of the labels needed 


If the labels sheet is used you can select the label to start with on the used sheet. Click the Skip button and select where to start otherwise it assumes a new sheet is being used. 

Address Company 

If addressing the company you can select the Sold to, Bill to or Ship to address. 

Address Contacts 

If addressing individual contact you can select their work or home addresses. NOTE – one label will be printed per contact. 

Include companies w/o contacts 

You can choose to NOT create a label for companies that have no contacts listed. 

 The Select tab will give you more selection options and works similar to other parts of the system.

-          Hit OK

-          Results should look similar to below