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Creating a Contact from the Contact section


In Contacts, click the New button on the toolbar or go to File then New

NOTE – you will notice there are two other contact entries

  • New Contact Like – if an existing user in the system has the same information, you can select this option, simply enter the person’s name and save and close .
  • New Multiple Entry Contact – used to enter multiple contacts no matter which manufacturer or customer they are associated with. Fields are available to enter the customer or manufacturer based on entries already in the system.

In the Contact Editor window:

  • Enter the Name information, First Name and Last Name being very helpful
  • Department and Position are optional
  • Company – click on the ellipse button  to select this contacts’ association: customer, manufacturer or none. If customer or manufacturer are selected a list will appear. (No Association means this contact is not related to any company in OASIS)


  • Select Customer (or Manufacturer), hit ok and a window will appear with your list of customers.


-     Type in the manufacturer or customer name to locate the appropriate company and select

-     Hit OK


Other optional information



Will suppress this contact from any printing listings 

Sales Stage 

OASIS allows you to set up various stages for a prospective customer and report by sales stage. 


You can set up Groups for OASIS to associate contacts. 



Contact Information tab (Optional)

  • Enter Work address or check the “Use Company Address” to default.
  • Home address if needed.
  • Enter Phone numbers and any other information needed.


Company Details tab (Optional)

  • If a Customer Association was selected, you can add an “OASIS web portal” access for this contact by entering a User ID, Password and an Expiration Date.
  • A contact can also be given influence by selecting a Role, Influence percent (such as 70% in the example below). When this customer is selected in the General tab of the quote or order it can be used to affect the “Sales Account” as to how credit is split for the order. See the help sheet on “Paying Commission Sales people”.
  • Sales User is the Sales account name this contact is associated with.

  • Hit OK to complete