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Last modified on 6/27/2012 7:27 AM by User.

Creating Groups within Contacts

OASIS collects information about all contacts you do business with and allows you to group those contacts by company and type of contact (architect, engineer, etc). However users may want to group contacts by other means as well. An example might be a Christmas card list that you could have OASIS pull up all the people on “my” Christmas card list and create labels for my cards. Or maybe create a group of people that I want to send an invitation to a sales meeting. OASIS has a “Group” feature that allows you to create one or multiple groups for reporting printing, etc.  (A contact can only belong to one group right now.)


To create a Group:

-   In OASIS, go to the Contacts section.

-    Then go to File, then Configuration

-   In the Group tab, enter the Group name (example: Christmas)

-   Enter a description , this is what shows on the drop down list


-  Click OK.


Now that you have created the Group, exit OASIS and re-start so that the database additions take effect.


In the Contacts tab:

-  Open any contact by double clicking the contact.

-  In the Group area, click the drop down and select the new Group (Card List)

-  This contact now belongs to this Group

-  Click OK.


To produce a list of the Group for printing, emailing, etc:

-  In the Contacts section, use the Search Bar on the right (blue bar)

-  Select the Group from the drop down

-  Then click “Show All (by Group)”

 - This will produce a list of contacts belonging to that Group

To print this list:

 - Go to File, then Print List or Print if printing a single contact.