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InBox»Global email address setup
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Last modified on 10/15/2009 4:17 PM by User.


Global email address setup


This document shows how to download email from a global email account into the OASIS InBox application. The emails may then be routed between OASIS users and attached to related transactions (e.g. the attachments tab of a quote).


Select the InBox application. (If the InBox application is not shown on your screen, then you may need to add security to your user account in OASIS.):

Select "File" then "Connection Manager"

Select the "Insert new line" button (the icon circled above) to add a new account to download into the InBox:

Description - Add a reconizable name for the service

Method - Select the "Email" messaging method.

Host - Key in the email server name or IP address. The user name and password are required and must be specified as setup on the email server. (Do not setup the "Send Email" section - see below.)

Next, click OK and restart OASIS - this causes the changes to take effect.

After loggin in, the email will not automatically be read from the email server. To pull email from the server and into the OASIS InBox, you must either setup OASIS-BATCH (Batch Job Service Quick Setup (OASIS-BATCH)) or use the InBox Download Timer.

To use the Download Timer, select the InBox application, then select "Tools" then "Run Download Timer":

A bubble window will appear in the lower right of the screen letting you know the timer is started


Every 5 minutes, the timer will login to the email server and copy email from the server to the OASIS In Box application.



Most users do not setup the email account for sending - only receiving. (If setup for sending, users would be able to use the email account to send from the OASIS send message feature.