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Checking the Batch Job Service…
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Last modified on 11/7/2013 4:56 PM by User.


Checking the Batch Job Service (OASIS-BATCH)


OASIS Batch Jobs are not running. Checking the batch jobs window shows a date from several days ago (or longer):


Restart the "OASIS-BATCH" service. (Do this 2 times to ensure a pending update is not the reason the batch jobs have stopped.)


Open Control Panel in Windows. Viewing in large or small icons, select "Administrative Tools"

Locate and open the "Services" control panel, and scroll down to "OASIS-BATCH":

If you don't find this entry, then make sure you are on the computer where OASIS-BATCH was originally setup. If you have never configured the new V2.7 Batch Jobs service, see this article: Batch Job Service Quick Setup (OASIS-BATCH)

If the entry does show, double-click on it to show the full service window:

Press the "Start" button. Once the service starts, stop and then start the service one more time. This forces the service to apply any new updates that have recently downloaded. (This is a common reason the service stops - to ensure updates are properly applied.)