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OASIS is "Freezing"
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Last modified on 8/8/2013 4:48 PM by User.

OASIS is "Freezing"


User reports OASIS is "Freezing" or has stopped working.

Troubleshooting Options

Like all software, OASIS runs in an operating system and involves one or more hardware systems (including the network). A "freeze" may be attributed to may different conditions. The items below are suggestions to issues that have been seen before:

PC Froze

The best diagnostic is to see if the user is able to press the "start" button (Windows) or move between applications. If the response is very slow or there is no response, then the PC is the issue.

In many cases, the PC will need to be "fixed". If the PC is responding slowly, adding more memory will likely resolve the issue. If the PC froze - requiring a hard reboot of the PC, then the user should consult their PC administrator or consider replacing the PC

Missing Printers / Slow to show Print Dialog

The user just pressed "print" from within OASIS expecting the print dialog box to show. Have the user restart OASIS then open and save an order. If the save works and the print does not, then you may have missing printers.

The user may have printer drivers for printers that are no longer on the network. To gain attributes for the printers, the operating system must query each printer. If the printer does not exist, then an extreamly long wait period is required to time out each missing printer.

Another problem may be a misbehaving printer driver. In this case, have user select "No Printer drivers" on the "Hardware" tab of the global settings

Internal Stack Trace

User is able to do most functions in OASIS, but one screen or transaction results in the user not being able to save (and may report the wait cursor). If the user is able to open other transactions and operate other functions in OASIS, then OASIS may be reporting an internal stack trace.

Have the user recover the log files for the version of OASIS they are using. The log files will contain detailed information about either a configuration problem or a bug that needs to be resolved.

Database Lock

Some users are able to move freely in OASIS, but others are "frozen". The users with OASIS frozen are able to move between other applications on their PC, but not between other features within OASIS. (The user could just be waiting on the login screen to show.)

There is likely a database lock. Start by having one of the users able to operate in OASIS (with admin rights) activate the "Show Locks" feature on the configuration -> software application. Press the "Open Ticket" button to log the incident. Then have the user select "Disconnect Users" feature. This will release the lock. All users should relogin to OASIS.

(Another option if no admin users are available or not able to move within OASIS is to restart the Adaptive Server Anywhere service on the server.)