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POs written off with a balance due


Many orders pass through your office every week and the amount of commission and/or overage on those PO’s does not always get paid in full. There could be several different reasons including wrong commission rate, factory error, changes in the order, etc. OASIS can handle any of these issues based on what you tell the system you want to have happen.

  • Example #1
    • Order was sent to a factory with the wrong commission rate. In this example the total commission expected was $1,000, however the check from the factory was $995. In this case, the user will likely close the PO to expecting no further payments on this PO.
    • In the Payment screen the user can check the box for “Close PO” because they do not expect to receive more money.
  • Example #2
    • Order was sent to the factory with overage and commission. The factory paid the commission then later paid part of the overage, because there was a balance still owed ($200) the PO did not close and remained open because the amount exceeded the threshold (Explained below)

Setting Thresholds 

OASIS has a setting in each Manufacturer setup to indicate a threshold for commission/overage due. Under normal conditions, the manufacturer pays what was expected on the PO and the order will automatically close when the amount received meets or exceeds what was expected. However in some cases as the two examples above, there is a shortage. OASIS will allow you to manually close the PO by checking the “Close PO” box or with a threshold set, OASIS will check the threshold when a payment is made and if it falls within the threshold it will close the PO.

Several groups run the “Aged Invoice Report” and “Order Backlog” reports to find these PO’s and invoices they have not been fully paid on and follow up on them.

In the Example #1 the PO was closed with a balance due, many call this “written off” because they do not expect to receive the remainder of the money.

OASIS however can report on the these PO’s to see if there is an issue or a trend and report over years or just know at the end of a timeframe how much money has been written off.


To run the report: 

  • Go to Orders, then Reports on the Menu bar and select “Order Transaction Report”
  • In the Purchase Order Listing Report window, push the radio button for “POs written off (closed) with balance due”
  • Check the boxes for “Show Details” and “Show Totals Page”.
  • Select the timeframe.
  • Other filters and Sort options may be selected.

*** If running the report for all Manufacturers, skip to the *** below

  • In this example we want to run for a single manufacturer
  • Click the Select tab, then the second “More” tab
  • In the Manufacturer area, click the “Add” button to show the list of Manufacturers.
  • Select the manufacturer and click OK.
  • The Manufacturer should drop in the list window
  • The report may also be sorted, click the Sort tab
  • Since this example is for a single manufacturer, push the radio button for “Project Name”
  • ***Select Manufacturer, then continue
  • Click Print
  • Below is an example of the report

Example of the report for all Manufacturers