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Price Lists»Price Lists - Quotes vs Orders
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Price Lists - Quotes vs Orders


Once a price file has been created in OASIS you can make setting changes to have the pricing automatically drop in for Quotes and Orders. However the functionality of pricing is different for each. The example below will explain the difference for Quotes and Orders.

Example Price file – BYMINE Lighting, Inc.


For Quotes 

The “Quote Path” in the Level Names tab will dictate the price that automatically drops in the Sell price column. Use this Path to up to 5 possible price levels or sequence. In the example below, OASIS will attempt to find a valid price in the Level 1 (12% Price) column, if it does not find a valid price it goes to the Level 2 (10% Price) column, etc. Once it finds a valid (non-blank) price, it populates the quote.



NOTE - Each user can select whether the drop down menus or pricing is automated or not.

-          On the Home screen > File > Preferences > Show tab

-          Un-check the “Show product drop-downs.”

-          Hit OK


 - To turn off auto-pricing, open the Project/Quote

 - go to File, then Preferences, the click the Options tab

 - uncheck the “Auto price matching parts box.



For Orders

Because there is a possibility of different pricing applying to different order types or territory pricing, users must select the Price Level (column) in the customer setup for each customer.


To set up orders for auto-pricing: (assumes the price list has been created)

-          Open the customer from the Customers section

-          Go to the Accounts tab

-          If you do not see the customer, click on the New button

-          The list of customers will appear, select the customer.

-          In the “Level” column click until the dropdown menu appears, select the appropriate price level

 -          Click OK (Save & Close)

 -          When creating an order OASIS will select the price level defined in the Customer / Accounts / Level as shown above

By default OASIS will drop the Book Price in Sell on an order if no level is selected