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Using OASIS Over VPN Connectio…
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Using OASIS Over VPN Connections



This document identifies how to optimize OASIS database connections by setting compression and optimizing buffering for low-bandwidth connections.

NOTE: This article assumes OASIS is configured to use the ASAODBC driver. See the driver article for details.


-     Navigate to the Windows control panel.

-     Type "ODBC"

-     Select "ODBC data sources, 32 or 64 bit

-     Go to the "System DSN" tab



Make sure you select "OASIS" to be able to configure.

-     Select "Network" tab

-     Key "16000" for the buffer size (may adjust to 8000 on systems with limited memory). Also, check “Compress network packets”.

-     In many cases, you must include the IP address of the server the PC is to connect to remotely. This is done by typing “HOST=address” in the blank after “TCP/IP”:


-     Next, select “Advanced” and type the following in the “Additional parameters” section:


Press “OK” to save the changes and try OASIS.

Please note that OASIS GUI design goals favor features over remote performance.