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Last modified on 11/9/2009 11:00 AM by User.

What you need to know for updating from 2.6 to 2.7 version of OASIS

Preparing for the Update

  • Backups - Have you backed up your database lately? 
    • If you have a nightly backup running double check that the file is current before starting the upgrade
    • Click on the link, if you would like to create a more recent copy or manually start Backing Up OASIS 
  • Want to see the new version now?  Check out our online videos on the new 2.7 features.
  • Show users the documentation on the new version so they're ready to go when the new version is live!  OASIS 2.7 User Guides 
  • OASIS License count
    We have reports from some users converting from OASIS V2.6 to V2.7 that the licenses are not valid. The issue turns out to be a slow increase in head count that has happened over the years with some of our customers. Unfortunately, the V2.6 license manager would sometimes warn that there was a problem, but would fail, indicating the max standard user count was reached.
    When upgrading from V2.6 to V2.7, please double check the number of users running OASIS. With Version 2.6, only “Standard User” licenses were available. In Version 2.7, the internal license manager is better at limiting the license count and managing new license types have been created (as requested from our customers). For more information on OASIS licensing, please read about the OASIS License Manager 

Installation and Updating

After Completing the Update