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Project Status & Followup Reports


Using the Projects application in OASIS allows you to keep track of basically everything inside a job or multiple jobs/phases. From notes, conversations, emails, fixture schedules, and basically anything else associated with a job in electronic format can be associated or attached to a project. This gives you the ability then to report on many aspects of projects for sales folks, principals, even the receptionist. A Project Status is good for sales meetings to discuss different jobs the agency has going. The Project Followup report is used for sales folks to call on customers to discuss different aspects of the job and OASIS provides a place to add notes to the printed report while at the customer’s site.

  • Project Status is designed to discuss at a sales meeting, tracking progress on different jobs with an individual or group.
  • Customer Followup is designed for sales folks to carry to the distributor (customer) to discuss various jobs and their statuses. It gives you a place to note information while at the customer's site and bring back to record in OASIS 


Project Followup 

Go to Projects, then Reports 

Then select Project Followup

The Project by Status report window will appear.  


1. Project Status report – good for sales staff meetings


  • Click the “Project Status” button 
  • Select the Timeframe 
  • Select Specified and/or Non-specified projects as needed. (if not tracking, check both to report all) 
  • If you do not wish to view quotes below a certain level, enter a Minimum Quote amount 
  • Project Status – You must enter at least one Project Status 
    1. (new) – new jobs not quoted 
    2. Quoted – this has actually been printed, emailed, or faxed to a customer 
    3. Submitted – submittals have been created 
    4. Order Pending – Winning Customer has been selected 
    5. **Prebid/Design – may or may not be used – for long term projects where prebid and design work may be done over long periods.  
    6. **Buy – the contractor has been awarded; however, the distributor has not been chosen. 
    7. Ordered – At least one order has been created from this Quote 
    8. Abandoned – Quote has been closed or lost 

**Agency must configure to use – refer to Configuration Help Sheet 

  • Show Pricing – if you want prices to show on the report (generally for Customer Followup) 
  • Sort – sort by project or value 

 Then, if further filtering is needed, go to the “Group By” tab


If more filtering is needed, go to the “Select” tab 

Once you have selected (if any) filters, then click Print.  

The sample below is sorted by projects with “(new) Projects” being the first 


2. Customer Followup report – good outside sales staff to carry to various meetings with customers. 


Follow the same first step as above, only this time click “Customer Followup”


Again, filter any necessary item as above and Print. The report should look similar to the one below. 


There will be at least a page per customer, making it easy for the salesperson to print and take to the customer for reference and adding notes to follow up on jobs with this customer. When the salesperson returns to the office, they can enter these notes in the Followup tab in the project/job.