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What do the "C", "N", and "L" …
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Last modified on 9/22/2009 2:19 PM by User.

What do the "C", "N", and "L" mean after the cut sheet page name?


In the new version of OASIS 2.7 release W315 and later, we have replaced the PDF processor with a new program that has out performed the old program on several levels.  The new processor/renderer is able to handle more PDF types with much more speed.  With the introduction of the new render came a few headaches such as highlights moving that were generated in 2.6 or on the older PDF render version.  To help in diagnosing these types of issues we've added a suffix that is only viewable when looking at the individual pages to identify the current state of the page.

****NOTE****  It is highly recommended to NOT modify a cut sheet that has a C suffix in the old (V 2.6.3) version of OASIS

Definition of the Suffix

  • C stands for "Converted"
    • This is a Portrait PDF that was either added or modified with the new PDF renderer.
  • N stands for "Not Converted"
    • This is a Portrait PDF that was added in the old version and has not been modified in the new version.
  • L stands for "Landscape"
    • OASIS doesn't currently support the Landscape view for PDFs, and no version is indictated by this suffix.