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Code Column for Quotes/Projects

The Code column allows users to adjust their quote as needed. Insert Notes, Page breaks as well as Subtotals, Overage/Profit lines, Lamp / Accessory lines, Option/Alternates, Lot lines and more. These columns can help you present the quote to the customer with the items needed in the way you want it.

The following is a list of Terms for the "Code" column in Detail tab of a Project or Quote.




Inserts a blank line in a quote, that’s it, just spacing. However, you can type text in the Part column and it will show on the quote print. Example might be “Base Bid”.

Break Page Break, insert anywhere you would like a page break – useful for large quotes with many items or where description or notes may be long.

A “Note” line will insert a line labeled “Note” (in the BQty column.) You can add your notes in the Part or Description columns. Note lines are italicized and one font size larger than the standard font size.

Int Note

Internal Note - Same as above except the notes will appear on the “Office copy” only.

Overage An overage line will add an overage amount to the entire order. Font will be bold and one font size larger than the standard font size. Before orders are created, you must assign it to a manufacturer. NOTE FOR ORDERS: To add overage to a line item, make sure the overage column is showing on your order screen. If not, go to Preferences and add it. Type "Overage" in the QTY column. Will hide unit pricing.
LOT Just shows a LOT line with money on the quote when you are not unit pricing items. Font will be bold and one font size larger than the standard font size. You must enter a manufacturer on the line. If you have items you don't want to price individually, then enter no price on those lines, use the LOT line to enter a total. The intent is to give a single/LOT price for all the items for that one manufacturer. Generally, you would go back to the BOM at some point and remove the LOT line and adjust the lines items as needed. Adding the LOT line tells OASIS that this quote needs LOT pricing only, not an itemized BOM. You would zero out the Sell (or Level 1, 2. 3) column for your line items.

Will subtotal everything above until it comes to another Subtotal line or option. Multiple Subtotals can be used.

No Quote

A line item you want in the quote, such as a competitor part, it will appear in the quote, but only the Type, Mfg and Part columns are available. No pricing/commission is available. See CQ below – a CQ line will allow pricing.


Use this code to associate a lamp with the fixture above it. For example – if a fixture uses 2 lamps per fixture, OASIS will automatically calculate the number of lamps based on the number of fixtures above. So in the BQty column, just enter the number of lamps per fixture. It will show on the printed quote the total number of lamps needed. 

NOTE: Always associated with the fixture line above it

NOTE: A lamp line may also be used in a kit in place of an component.


Same as above - Use this to associate an accessory with the fixture above. For example – if a fixture uses 2 accessories per fixture, OASIS will automatically figure the accessories based on the number of fixtures above. So in the BQty column, just enter the number of accessories per fixture above. It will show on the print the total number of accessories needed. 

NOTE: Always associated with the fixture line above it


Kit or assembly is a number of parts put together to make one end item. This kit can have its own part number. Enter the number of these kits needed in the BQty column. A kit or assembly is made of components (see below) 

Example: Kit = a Pole Kit   Component = Pole line item, Head line item, Lamp line item, etc. These components will total up in the Kit line totals. 


Parts that make up kits. As components are added, the price is reflected in the Kit price column. These can be rolled up or down when the quote is printed. It will print with just the kit, the kit with the items broken out, or priced separately. 

NOTE: a Lamp line may also be used in place of an Component 

Kits can also be saved for future use - Right-click on the Part on the Kit line, select "Make Kit": The Kit will be added to that Mfg price file/list. NOTE - if there is no price for that Mfg, one must be created.


Option or option group (alternate) will add the items listed below it until it finds another option code. In the Description field type example “Alternate 1” . Then add a blank below the last item to indicate where the option group ends. Can be associated with “Win Option” & "Pending Option" below.

Pending Option

Coding an option with “Pending Option”, allows it to still be shown on the quote as an option waiting to be decided on. 

Win Option

When one or more options are decided you can change the option code to Win option in order to convert to order or to print a Manufacturer Breakout for a customer. NOTE: Only Win options can be converted to orders.

Misc (Hidden)

This can be used for items such as having to quote Freight on a Quote

To use, type in the word "Misc"

CQ Courtesy Quote – used for items you may not represent but needed to complete a job. Manufacturer column may be free form. When order is placed, the Courtesy Quote line will be ignored. Similar to the “No Quote” line except that price and commission may be entered. 
Profit User types in overage; once a resell only manufacturer id is typed in the code will change to Profit and it represents a resell markup.  
Charge (Hidden) Used for including a special charge. Consider a color charge or other fee levied by the factory for a product. Brief