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OASIS Update Failed (Boot Dire…
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Last modified on 2/6/2015 9:38 AM by User.


OASIS Update Failed (Boot Directory)


The OASIS update failed and attempts to find the .oasis folder have not worked or the message is happening multiple times after deleting the .oasis folder.  What is likely the cause is that the user's profile is kept on another computer or not available to them. (usually a server) 

To support the Windows Vista,7, and 8 operating systems and improve functionality for terminal service users, OASIS was modified to have a separate folder in the user's profile that all the update files would download into.  (This reduces the need for an Admin to run an update on everyone's machine.)  However, this sometimes causes the update folder to not be available to the user when it is needed by OASIS Support to modify or remove.


If the user's directory is stored on a remote drive or server (possible on some windows domains), the following symptoms are possible:

  • Update Failed
  • User's PC never updates to the latest release
  • OASIS runs slow (sometimes during busy times of the day)
  • OASIS crashes for unknown reasons.

It is recommended that the user's home directory be on a drive physically attached to the PC. It is not necessary to alter the domain policy, however the solution below will allow individual PCs to be altered to keep the OASIS program files on a local drive and the user's files on a network drive.

Virus Protection

One of the more popular home virus protection programs prevents applications from writing directly to the user's home directory (the program also seems to have an issue with the directory naming used by OASIS). The result is the PC will not update (the user will get the "Update Failed" message).

Follow the solution below to resolve. (Another option is to alter the settings for the virus application. However we can not know the required settings for software created by other companies.


***Warning: This is not recommended for Terminal Servers or Citrix Server connections.***

The solution is to redirect the folder that the updates are applied to where the user can access the ".oasis" update folder for support purposes.


  1. Close ALL OASIS windows and prompts
  2. Download this file BootDirectory.txt
  3. Place the file in the OASIS273 program folder (for Windows users the default is C:/Program Files/OASIS273/OASIS
    If you are using OASIS271 or OASIS272, the path will be C:/Program Files/OASIS271/OASIS or C:/Program Files(x86)/OASIS272/OASIS)
  4. Then create a new folder on the Local drive so that it has this path C:/oasisboot/
  5. Delete your .oasis/lib folder
  6. Attempt to log into OASIS 
  7. Contact OASIS Support if problems with starting OASIS continue