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FaxServer object
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FaxServer object


Within windows a Fax Server "Object" is available for programs like OASIS to use to compose a fax. OASIS takes one step further, allowing for a script to be used to switch from the default Microsoft Windows fax object and use other objects from other vendors.

Applies to both 2.6 conversion to 2.7 and new installations of 2.7 and later.

Basic Configuration


To setup the fax solution, begin by selecting the "In Box" (this application may not appear on all users screens - the user must have admin right to the "In Box" for this configuration to be accomplished).

Select "File" then "Connection Manager" to start the connection manager:

Press the "insert new line" button to add a new fax solution (multiple are possible):

Select "FAX" to integrate using the script/FaxServer object method:

Take the defaults (don't use the E-Mail gateway nor alter the EMail Form) and press Ok.

We recommend logging out of OASIS and re-login to OASIS.

Using the Fax Solution

To use the fax solution, select "Send Message" from the "Output To" option from a quote or order print dialog:

When the Send Message option shows, you are able to quickly select between Fax and EMail (the system will attempt to remember which you use with a given contact - but only if contacts are selected in the quote or order):

The Script - Advanced Configuration

(Advanced users only - call Ingen Software if you need help with other fax solutions.)

For OASIS to use other fax solutions, it is possible to create a file named "Fax.js" written in Java Script (per Microsoft's specification). Once the script is created, just add to the related workgroup in OASIS. (Similar to adding an XML file to adjust the look of a form.) As an example, the default script is shown below. Using different fax objects is possible:

  * Title:        OASIS SDK
  * Description:  Fax "bridge" script

* Copyright:    Copyright (c) 2004
* Company:      Ingen Software, Inc.
* @author Ingen Software, Inc.
* @version 1.0
How to use:
  When "Send FAX" is selected within OASIS, an OASIS document search is
  done to identify a file named "FAX.js". If one is found, the OASIS will
  read the file, replacing the following "variables" with data from OASIS.
  The resulting file is written to disc and the local operating system is
  requested to run the script.

    To Enable:

  After adapting this script, attach the script to a workgroup in OASIS.
  The file name when attached to the workgroup must be FAX.js (note case
  of the file name). Restart OASIS and test.

    To Disable:
      Open the workgroup and delete the file from the attachments, and then

    restart OASIS.

  Variables: (remove / for actual variable

   {/FaxServer}   - OASIS "Tag" defined for the user

   {/FaxUser}     - OASIS "Tag" defined for the user

   {/FaxPassword} - OASIS "Tag" defined for the user

   {/Attention}   - contact identifed at the time the fax is created in OASIS

   {/FaxNumber}   - fax number associated with the contact in OASIS

   {/Attachment}  - Path to the filt to be faxed. OASIS will produce a PDF file
                   of the documents to be faxed.

   {/Subject}     - Subject identified at the time the fax is created in OASIS.

   {/Message}     - The message


   - Some virus protection software may detect the creation and execution of
      the script by OASIS.

   - Some FAX software will display the end user FAX GUI while others will not

   - With Gold Support, Ingen Software will support this interface, but will
       not support the resulting script.

  What is the OASIS document search?

    OASIS will scan the following attachments tab for "FAX.js":

     - The related manufacturer

     - The related workgroup


// Start Windows Fax
var FaxServer = new ActiveXObject("FaxServer.FaxServer");

// connect to server - change to server name - default is local host
FaxServer.Connect ("");

var FaxDoc = FaxServer.CreateDocument("{Attachment}");
var res = FaxDoc.Send();